'Daybreak 2000' project

Geoff was invited to participate in the 'Daybreak 2000' project where photographers around the world attempted to capture some special images of the natural world during the first morning of the year 2000.

This special and unique project - which involved about 100 of the world's leading nature photographers (including Art Wolfe, Jim Brandenburg, Galen Rowell, Kennan Ward) - was created by American artist Roger Tefft  "as a means for photographers to commemorate the timeless beauty of the planet at a relevant moment in human history, and to promote wilderness conservation".

The photographs form a superb hard-back book entitled 'Daybreak 2000' which is now available, and also a travelling exhibition.

Geoff is one of only four photographers who took part in the UK and is proud to be associated with the project, which includes many of the elite of the world's nature photographers.

Daybreak 2000 Images and Diary

A selection of 15 images that were taken for the Daybreak 2000 project.

Location: The New Forest, Hampshire, England, UK.

(More information about the project and other photographers' images can be found at the Daybreak 2000  web site).

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