Fallow Deer does silhouetted with setting sun, New Forest, England

Fallow Deer does with setting sun

Image Ref: MA 49-473.

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The Fallow Deer is the commonest deer in Britain, where it was introduced by the Romans, and is common throughout much of Europe. It is widespread in the British Isles, where it favours mature deciduous or mixed woodlands and forests, as well as parkland areas. Seldom ventures far from woodland cover, especially during daytime, and usually seen in small groups.

Image Info

Tech Talk: Photographed with a Nikon F801 camera with Nikkor 400mm lens and Nikon 1.4x teleconverter, mounted on a Benbo tripod; taken at about 1/125th second at f3.5 on Fujichrome Provia 100 film at ISO 100 and processed normally; no filters used.

Location: New Forest, Hampshire, England, February.

Comments: "This was at one of my regular 'deer hunt' spots where the deer can be photographed on a clear skyline with the setting sun at certain times of the year. On this particular evening, the Fallow Deer saw me before I could get into position and bolted in a group toward the horizon. Fortunately, they paused briefly right on the skyline, glancing nervously back at me and giving me just enough time to carefully move into a better position and get half-a-dozen shots of them lined up on the skyline with the superb mellow setting sun behind them before the most nervous individual spooked the whole group and they disappeared over the horizon."

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