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Montferrat Ridge (actually border between France (left) and Spain), near Vignemale summit (3300m), High Pyrenees, Spain Cumulus clouds over Sierra de Abodi wilderness forest, Pyrenees, Spain Mediterranean Sea and coast of north Spain near Figueras
Rock pillar and mountaineers on ridge (Franco-Spanish border) approach to summit of Le Taillon (3144m), High Pyrenees, Spain Aerial view of wilderness forest in summer on Sierra de Abodi, West Pyrenees, Spain Sunrise through Breche de Roland, Ordesa, High Pyrenees, to France from Spain
Shooting butts lining col ridge along border of France (left) and Spain (right), Pyrenees  (migration route for birds, especially raptors) Rock 'wall' at Brech de Roland, Pyrenees, Spain Wilderness forest in summer on Sierra de Abodi from mountain ridge, West Pyrenees, Spain

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